Breakthrough Implant Technology

January 18, 2022

The MaxiMini™ a Breakthrough Implant Technology

Lakeside’s Dr. Alan Robinson on breakthrough implant technology.

Recently a new dental implant device became available from my primary implant supplier, Shatkin First, a Mini Dental Implant Supplier and Laboratory that offers the latest advances in minimally invasive dental implant procedures and technologies. This new device is called a Mono Implant because of its one-piece construction.

I’ve dubbed this new Mono Implant technology the “MaxiMini™.” It’s classified as a conventional implant because the MaxiMini’s™ diameter is greater than three millimeters but its design is very similar to a mini implant. This new implant model is designed to be placed similarly to the mini implants that I’ve used at Lakeside with awesome results for well over a decade. As a matter of fact, I’ve placed more than 10,000 minimally invasive dental implants.

In speaking about the Minimally Invasive Implant or Mini Implant and conventional implants, I’ve often noted that these two techniques and technologies have been converging for years. The new MaxiMini™ has now truly bridged the gap between those two-implant methods.

The MaxiMini™ is available in multiple diameters and lengths in all combinations. This range of choices makes it possible to select an ideally sized implant device placed for a patient’s exact need and jawbone conditions. The most notable difference of this new device from a mini implant is that presently, the MaxiMini™ has an abutment (the part that sticks out of the gum that the crown is attached to) that’s shaped like a conventional implant abutment which is a long, thin, tapered thimble shaped projection.

Improvements to this new technology are currently in development that MaxiMini would offer the with a ball and square abutment like those found in the Mini Implant. This development will make the MaxiMini™ almost infinitely adaptable, like a Mini Implant, because the abutment to implant angle is adjustable.

The cost of the MaxiMini™ is slightly higher than using a Mini Implant, but it is still considerably less than the older type of conventional implants. Best of all, like a Mini Implant, the MaxiMini™ can be used right away when placed, allowing for a very quick treatment completion of just 2-3 weeks instead of 3-12 months as it is with conventional implants.

If you would like more information about quick, comfortable, affordable, versatile Mini or MaxiMini™ Dental Implants, contact us at Lakeside (586-228-0909) for a no-cost consultation to see which are best for you.