Car Accident Dental Trauma

January 22, 2020

Dr Robinson
Facial and dental traumas are common injuries for car accident victims. While these injuries often get overlooked when more life-threatening and urgent injuries are involved, dental trauma needs to be treated quickly.

If you’ve suffered dental trauma as a result of an auto accident and are looking for Michigan’s best treatment, Lakeside Center for Dental Implants is here to help. Our team is trained to treat car accident dental trauma and skilled at repairing damaged teeth. We can repair teeth and save your smile in a pain and anxiety-free environment.

An appropriate diagnosis and timely response can improve outcomes when managing traumatic dental injuries. Fractured or cracked teeth, a displaced tooth, or even a tooth that has been knocked out (avulsed) are common results of dental trauma. Each of these conditions requires specific treatment, dictated by the effect of the injury on the tooth.

If the tooth is pushed partially out-of-the socket your dentist may re-position and stabilize your tooth. Most often, this degree of trauma will cause the need for root canal treatment to address the traumatic injury to the tooth’s pulp. It can sometimes be months or years more the full extent of the injury to be fully apparent. Follow up evaluation is essential.

Tip: If an injury causes a tooth to be completely knocked out, it’s important that you seek treatment immediately. You should also keep the avulsed tooth moist. If possible, put it back into the socket. A tooth can often be saved if it remains moist. You can even put the tooth in milk (milk is the best liquid if the tooth can’t be put back in the socket). Root canal treatment may be necessary based upon the stage of root development. The length of time the tooth was out of your mouth and the way your tooth was stored will also influence the type of treatment required and its success.

Even if you don’t think your dental injury is severe, it’s important to have it checked out. Other teeth and areas may also have been damaged from the injury and often the only way you can know is by having a thorough dental examination and X-rays. The difference between saving and losing a tooth depends on taking the proper action in the immediate aftermath of an injury.

Dr. Alan F. Robinson is skilled at treating traumatic dental injuries having advanced training, experience and special techniques to save teeth that are damaged.

Insurance We Accept

Lakeside Center for Dental Implants works with nearly all insurance providers. It’s likely we can help you get the care you are entitled to following your injury, particularly in cases of Automotive trauma, our staff is the expert in dealing with your Insurer on your behalf. In uninsured situations, we offer payment plans financed by several different companies, among them, Care Credit.

Most auto insurance providers will cover procedures and treatments that restore the appearance and function of your teeth. Procedures typically reimbursed by insurers include:

  • Examinations
  • Diagnostic radiographs
  • Restorations (including crowns to repair chipped or broken teeth)
  • Stabilization of avulsed teeth
  • Endodontic treatment required as a result of injuries
  • Replacement of missing or severely damaged teeth

Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Robinson’s Lakeside Center for Dental Implants to receive specific information about handling a traumatic dental injury.