Consultation Breakdown

May 4, 2021

What Goes On During a Mini Dental Implant Consultation

Consultations prior to implant surgery procedures are an essential first step in a highly specialized process. There’s really no such thing as an “off-the-shelf solution when it comes to implants since everyone’s oral health, mouth specifics and each of your teeth are as personalized as your fingerprints. As a dental surgeon, Lakeside’s Dr. Alan Robinson needs to fully examine, evaluate and understand your situation while in turn you’ll want to have confidence in his qualifications and credentials.

At Lakeside consultations, we go through the following steps with patients:

  • Dr Robinson will examine your mouth/dental records.
  • We go over your medical history and any medication you’re currently taking.
  • A digital 2D panoramic x-ray is taken (at no cost) to evaluate the teeth and jaws to give us an initial perspective on the quantity and quality of the bone structure to assess for Implant placement and the relative positions of the jaws to one another.
  • We will also take and evaluate a 3D cone beam image of the bony sites of interest once a decision to move forward with treatment has been made. While many dental offices don’t have in-house 3D imaging, we have two of these 3D dental scan machines so there’s no delay or extra trips to outside clinics.

Upon completing a consultation with Dr Robinson, you’ll clearly understand procedure details, timing, and costs. A consultation at Lakeside is also where options are discussed and the what, the why, the when and how much are defined in terms you can fully understand.

After your examination, Dr. Robinson will go through the different treatment options suitable for you. If dental implants are right for you, we’ll create a treatment plan to fit your needs. Consultations are also an excellent time to ask us questions. We’re here to help you have confidence in your decision. If minimally invasive dental implants are for you and you’re ready to move forward, a date can be set for your surgery.

And remember, your implant consultation with Dr. Robinson is free of charge with no commitment.