Dental Implant Affordability

March 28, 2021

Costs for dental implant treatments can range from moderate to significant depending on the extent of your problem(s). However, there multiple options and strategies to establish a best possible payment plan to fit your budget.

Although dental insurance rarely cover the entire cost, some plans pay for a portion of implants and/or crowns or dentures supported by implants. When it comes to finances, every bit helps and the team at Lakeside Center for Dental Implants are experts at helping you determine an approach and maximize your options in billing those benefits for you.

Costs Not Covered by Insurance

Lakeside’s billing staff can help patients navigate a number of payment options that include:

  • Low or no interest credit card offers over various terms are often available. It’s not unusual for card issuers to offer these options if you call and ask.
  • Health savings or expense plans through your employer. Dental implant surgery can be paid through many employer-based plans.
  • A loan through your credit union or bank. These institutions usually offer the lowest interest rates which keep can help keep your total cost as low as possible.
  • Loan options through an insurance policy, 401K or home equity credit line. These can offer low interest rates that help keep total costs (with financing) as low as possible.
  • CareCredit, a financing plan offering a full range of no interest and extended payment programs that allow patients to cover costs for their implant procedure over a period of time without any upfront costs. CareCredit works like a credit card. Patients get a monthly statement then can pay off in 12 months for an interest-free option. CareCredit also offers a 60-month option for the lowest monthly payments. Lakeside uses Care Credit Care and other similar health financing firms that our staff can assist you with.

Doing Nothing Also Costs

The longer you postpone implant surgery, the more at risk a patient might be for possible supporting jawbone loss. Tooth loss often leads to disruption in chewing patterns which in turn can impact proper nutrition or food choices. In addition, any resulting jawbone loss can complicate implant surgery making it more difficult (and expensive).

To find out more about your financing options with Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry call us at 586-228-0909.