Dental Implant Anxiety

January 5, 2023

Anxiety troubles many patients when it comes to getting any sort of dental work done. The more serious the dental procedure, the higher the anxiety. At Lakeside Center for Dental Implants, we often encounter patient anxiety around the prospect of getting dental implants. What we’ve found is that providing more information about the procedure helps mitigate patient fears and concerns.

First, it’s important for patients to know that minimally invasive dental implants are the most advanced treatment for replacing missing or lost teeth. They are also one of the highest success rates of any dental procedure, at over 95%. Much of this can be attributed to their stability and endurance, thanks to being rooted in the patient’s own jawbone. Lakeside is one of Michigan’s preeminent providers of dental implants performing many such implant procedures each year and we are always happy to talk prospective patients through possible treatment options.

Common Implant Concerns

Appearance – this can be a big concern, as the process of getting permanent dental implants is a process that takes time. We often place temporary teeth, or a temporary denture if you’re missing several teeth, to fill in the gaps. Today’s temporary tooth replacements are very aesthetically advanced and look just like your natural teeth allowing you to eat and chew with them in.

Pain – another frequent source of anxiety for patients is uncertainty about pain. At Lakeside we always make sure patients are comfortable and pain-free during every procedure, and any post-operative discomfort or pain can be handled with medication after surgery. Our implant team is well-trained in both implantation and pain management and will ensure your dental implant experience is a positive one.

Oral Health Embarrassment – It’s not unusual for implant patients to be embarrassed about the condition of their teeth, which has led to the need for implants. We’re here to help get you on a better dental path and improve your oral health – while taking care of your teeth. The best way to address embarrassing dental issues is to come in for a personal consultation with our team on a plan to get them fixed. With dental implants, you’ll be able to replace missing or broken teeth with beautiful new ones and overcome that problem.

Costs – regarding the cost of implants, it’s true that they’re not cheap, especially if you need several. We understand that oral surgery can be difficult to handle financially, especially without dental insurance. We make every effort to work patients’ dental insurance plans when they exist, and when they don’t, Lakeside offers financing options based on your budget and the services that will work payment plans that fit a patient’s needs.

Communication is Key

If you have other concerns or worries about an implant procedure, please don’t hesitate to talk with us. Listening and understanding your anxieties, enables us to fully address them beforehand. We are here to help you get the dental care that is personalized and specific your oral health needs.