Dental Implant Denial

December 28, 2022

Are you one of those who question the necessity of replacing a missing tooth with an implant? It’s certainly human nature to wonder how long you can wait before dealing with a missing or damaged tooth. Questions like these arise from fear about the process, anxiety about levels of possible pain or just cost concerns of having dental surgery.

What most people don’t realize is that waiting or dismissing the need for a solution for missing or damaged teeth can have severe adverse effects on their oral health. This belief often stems from a simple lack of information that can lead to waiting too long. When you put off or forgo having a missing tooth fixed, you do so to your detriment. The results of indecision can adversely affect your oral health, the overall health of your body, and your pocketbook.

A wide array of things can go incredibly wrong if you decide to postpone or avoid dealing with a missing or damaged tooth. Everything from shifting the position of adjacent teeth to atrophy (the decrease in bone density and height) in your jawbone.

Don’t Underestimate the Severity of a Tooth Injury

Our teeth are strong, but they’re not indestructible. When there’s an injury to a tooth, you need to have it professionally evaluated to help protect that tooth and others from additional harm. And a crack could run deeper than you think—making your tooth more susceptible to further damage. When treated quickly, you reduce the situations that can lead to infection, discoloration, or need for additional treatments. And just because there’s no current pain involved doesn’t necessarily mean that treatment can be postponed. By the time a damaged tooth starts to hurt, infection has typically set in and that tooth may not be able to be saved.

Dental implants for missing or damaged teeth become an investment in an individual’s confidence, oral health, and appearance. The reality is that it’s more expensive to wait whenever you’re faced with damaged or missing teeth, particularly when proven, reliable solutions like mini dental implants are so easy, available, and convenient.

If you’re experiencing cracked, damaged, or missing tooth issues, don’t hesitate to give the professionals at Lakeside Center for Dental Implants a call. Consultation exams to analyze your teeth are free and simple to schedule so why wait, get started in finding your oral health answers today!