Dental Visits During A Pandemic

September 2, 2020

Concern about risks of transmission of COVID-19 during a visit to the dentist is understandable. Many patients still have anxiety about visiting a dental office.

Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry has routinely practiced specific universal precautions in infection control. Essentially, we behave as if every patient treated is potentially contagious. As frontline caregivers for urgent and emergency dental services we remained open throughout the COVID-19 shutdown. As a result, Lakeside was doing universal protections such as disinfection and PPE (personal protective equipment) long before the pandemic. This pandemic requires everyone to take extra care but most of the national and state safety measures now in place are simply extensions of what at Lakeside were normal regimes.

Perhaps the most significant news to date is that both the World Health Organization and the CDC report that there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 transmitted in a dental office.

Delaying checkups or care for dental pain can turn a small cavity into a root canal or tooth extraction and add to treatment time, higher costs and longer recovery time. Proper oral health is an integral part of overall health; so don’t put off what you should be taking care of now based upon concerns about safety or hygienic security of our office.

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