Four Decades in Private Practice Times Two!

August 24, 2022

It wasn’t too many years ago that tooth loss patients had limited options for replacing their missing teeth. But there’s been an explosion in recent years of new dental technology and materials to the point where offices like Lakeside can offer state-of-the-art surgical tooth replacement options that are precision placed, custom fitted and as close to natural teeth as you could ever get.

Dental implants were first introduced over 40 years ago, and today they are the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. The goal of implants is to restore function, stability and appearance in replacing missing teeth. They’ve also been proven to be highly effective for resolving problems of bone deterioration in the jaw that often follow the loss of a tooth.

Interestingly, Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry celebrated 40 years of private practice in June of this year. Both Dr Alan Robinson and Dr Charles Pearson are 1982 Graduates of the University of Detroit School of Dentistry. The two have been friends, colleagues and hunting buddies since their days at U of D.

It wasn’t long after graduating before both doctors began studying and training to not just become proficient in the emerging new implant technology but also in helping to evolve the processes, materials and techniques that are now commonplace. In fact, Dr. Robinson Michigan’s first Dentist certified as a Diplomate with the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants and was the first US Dentist to hold Diplomat status in both the ICOI and the IAMDI. He is now one of only two Dentists to hold that status. Dr. Robinson lectures with the IAMDI, Shatkin First Laboratory, Amherst NY and has presented at professional forums nationally internationally. In fact, he has very likely trained most of the mini dental implant surgeons in the state.

When the 4 years of dental education are included, and our other two Lakeside dentists, Dr Jessica Kowynia and Dr Drew Jerome, are included, Lakeside dentists have more than 97 years of Dental expertise combined.

Our team of dentists have experienced many oral surgery advancements over those 40 plus years, perhaps most remarkable among them is minimally invasive treatments, particularly in Dental Implantology, tooth extraction and Oral Reconstruction which are all a Lakeside services focus.

To take advantage of the extraordinary expertise at Lakeside Center for Implant Center Dentistry contact us today for a no cost consultation to determine what we can do for you.