How You Can Afford Dental Implants

February 7, 2020

Dental implants offer the best solution for missing teeth. The benefits and enjoyment you get from having implants can certainly outweigh the costs that are often not covered by insurance providers. That’s the big reason why implant procedures were once primarily an option for the wealthy. New clinical methods have lowered costs as well as simplified and shortened treatment time. Those advances, alongside new financing services, have made implants an achievable reality for almost everyone.

People continue to put off implants due to the mistaken belief that they’re cost-prohibitive. The truth is, you can now afford them. And, when you replace missing teeth with implants, you’re actually making an investment in future dental health savings and an improved quality of life. However, not all dental implants are created equal. Treatment and costs can depend on each individual’s needs and diagnosis. If only to one tooth is being replaced with an implant; costs will be less compared to replacing many teeth. But where multiple teeth are required for replacement, the cost-per-tooth implant naturally will decrease.

Payment Options

Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry makes implant surgery financially accessible thanks the availability of several payment plan options. Our staff works closely with each patient to determine whether their insurance carrier offers a plan for covering some portion of the oral implant procedure. They also examine whether HSA’s Care Credit or one of our other revolving credit financing options fits your current needs or for additional future treatment or add-on charges, without the need to re-apply.

Check with us today if you have any questions about insurance coverage or payment plans.