Implant Surgery Preparedness

November 1, 2020

What you need to know before minimally invasive implant surgery

Dental implants aren’t a single-step surgery. There are necessary and clinically important steps involved in the process. We will describe the steps needed for your specific procedure. Remember, Minimally Invasive Implants are the quickest, easiest and least costly implant solution.

How much does it cost?

As with any surgery, there are numerous factors that go into determining the cost of what is a very customized process. A consultation with Dr. Robinson is the first step in the process so that you and he can fully understand your unique oral history and implant situation. Aside from any insurance benefit, in a healed site you can expect the entire procedure, including the crown, to cost approximately $2,600 per tooth. Conventional implants and crowns can often run about double that amount.

Practice careful chewing during recovery.

Immediately after your surgery, you want to do cautious, careful chewing for the first 8-12 weeks or longer for implants placed at the time of extraction. One should always be mindful that even after complete healing, an implant is a replacement body part so reasonable caution is always wise.

No two mouths (or surgeries) are the same.

Most of the time bone grafts are not required for a minimally invasive implant procedure. But, just because your sister-in-law or a friend may have needed a bone graft when they had an implant done doesn’t mean you will. Everyone’s mouth and dental health situation are completely unique.

The great news about implants.

Minimally invasive implants represent one of the biggest advances in dentistry. According to multiple studies, success rates for dental implants are over 90%. With proper care implants are a long-lasting, wonderful treatment option. A minimally invasive dental implant will leave you with a beautiful, functional tooth.