Interview with Dr Alan Robinson

December 8, 2021

The new Maxi Mini™ Implant

Recently, a new implant technology that combines the best features of older, conventional style implants with the newer Minimally Invasive Dental Implants was released. Dr Robinson and Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry are now offering this new device to those who can benefit from this implant option. Robinson and the Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry team are excited about this new technology so, we sat down with Dr Robinson to learn about why.

Q: Some current literature talks about this new implant development as the “Mono Implant.”

Dr. Robinson: Yes, the manufacturer and my distributor do call it the “Mono.” That refers to the implant design’s one-piece construction, which means something to implant surgeons, but not much to patients trying to learn about this new technology. We at Lakeside decided to re-name it the Maxi Mini™ to exemplify its larger size and strength as well as its’ great design similarity to the Mini Implant.

Q: Can you tell us about the Maxi Mini™ Implant and why it’s such a significant step forward and how it can be used in your everyday practice at Lakeside.

Dr. Robinson: This implant is kind of the “crossover” between a conventional implant procedure and the Minimally Invasive Implant procedure. The Maxi Mini™ has an exaggerated taper and a diameter greater than 3.0 mm which classifies it as a conventional implant. While the Maxi Mini™ is in all other respects designed and placed just like a Minimally Invasive Mini Implant. As with a Mini Implant, this new Maxi Mini™ is one piece, designed to be placed through a small pilot opening in the gum that requires no incisions, rarely needs stitches and is usable immediately. This new implant innovation offers great adaptability in many sites and conditions. A design improvement that incorporates the Mini Implant’s “O ball” attachment on the Maxi Mini™ is in currently being developed which will make the Maxi Mini™ even more versatile.

Q: Why would you use the Maxi Mini™ in a site instead of a Mini Implant of which you have placed tens of thousands?

Dr. Robinson: I’m constantly amazed by the variability I see in bone conditions from person to person and even from site to site in the same patient. I can only compare it to the bone equivalent of quicksand in some instances. Sometimes a device that can reach through a weak spot in the site where we need to place an implant anchor, then grip the bone below and to the side is just what’s needed. Mini Implants can fit the need in most cases, but at times we need a slightly different design and somewhat wider device like the new Maxi Mini™. Also, in patients who are bruxers (tooth clenchers and grinders) an extra strong Maxi Mini™ Implant is an ideal solution.

Q: Is the Maxi Mini™ a proven, safe device?

Dr. Robinson: Yes. The Maxi Mini™ is FDA approved and thousands have been placed in the U.S. and thousands more across the globe. I decided to wait awhile to place them myself as a number of colleagues across the U.S. placed dozens with excellent results. By waiting, I was able to learn from their challenges before I started placing thereby avoiding those early learning curve problems. I’ve also very quickly learned the Maxi Mini™ was a great addition to our implant services and it was time to get going.

Q: How can patients learn more about Maxi Mini™ Implant options or other Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry services?

Dr. Robinson: We offer no-cost consultations at Lakeside to determine your exact needs and to discuss the “what, why and how much’ questions everyone has. There is absolutely no obligation or cost to determine what your options are. We would love to meet you and discuss your specific situation.