Lakeside’s Dental Heroes

March 22, 2023

As we at Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry mark our third anniversary of the Covid Pandemic shutdown, there’s much for us to reflect on from that unusual time in all our lives. During late 2019 and throughout 2020 and much of 2021 only 5% of dental offices in Michigan were equipped and able to remain open to serve dental emergent and urgent care needs.

The courageous team of staffers and dental caregivers at Lakeside were among those few practices that were able to stay open throughout the pandemic. Lakeside was in full compliance with Governor Whitmer’s executive order regarding dental care. Thanks to a dedicated and well-trained staff, we continued to meet the needs of individuals who came from all over Michigan in search of specialized care at a time when these services were limited and most in need.

As we look back and reflect on this pivotal time in our recent history, there are many reasons to give thanks and be thankful. For those patients who trusted their oral healthcare to us and were respectful of the procedures put in place that we needed to implement to keep everyone safe, we certainly owe a huge debt of gratitude.

To our Lakeside team who went above and beyond during this healthcare crisis, they were rightfully recognized and anointed as essential front liners who answered a call of duty at this stressful time. They’re the ones who put patient care and patient needs ahead of their own pandemic concerns. The sacrifices and professionalism this group of dedicated individuals made was nothing short of amazing. They balanced their personal and professional lives to provide continuing care for so many patients who needed their attention and personalized services.

This group of healthcare heroes kept smiling behind their masks and working efficiently throughout all the pressures and disruptions during this unusual time. Donning masks and gloves throughout each day they treated those in need of their dental expertise which wasn’t something they could do remotely.

During the quarantine periods of the pandemic, all of us learned to slow down and focus on things that truly mattered which was taking care of each other. Our frontline workers here at Lakeside were model employees and stellar citizens who went that extra mile and served the public at a time when their caring services were most in need.

(front row left to right)
Jennifer, Ann, Donna, Carin

(back row left to right)
Catherine, Heather, Vinny, Dr. Charles Pearson, Dr. Alan Robinson, Kenny, Jeff, and Linda.