Mentoring the Future of Mini-Implants

December 12, 2022

Dr. Alan Robinson addressed fellow implant dentists at a Shatkin First advanced training seminar last month in Amherst NY on November 18. This session was, coincidentally held during upstate New York’s first epic blizzard of this winter season.

Dr. Robinson lectured at Shatkin’s Mini Implant Seminar which was their final training forum of 2022. His presentation covered a new patent pending process he has developed that’s designed to help practitioners place implants with retained permanent crowns while eliminating the need for dentures. Robinson also spoke about his approach to atraumatic tooth extraction techniques.

The Shatkin Institute is a leader in professional implant education services and has been providing training to implant dentists for nearly 20 years. Dr Robinson has played a major role in mentoring Implantologists throughout North America as part of Shatkin’s mentoring team imparting his knowledge and innovative approaches for this specialized procedure to others in the oral health profession.

Lakeside Center for Dental Implants is Michigan’s leading minimally invasive implant dental provider. With cutting edge technology and over a decade of sophisticated implant experience, Lakeside is the state’s premiere provider on mini dental implant solutions.

Dr. Robinson consistently lectures throughout North America and internationally on the technical and clinical benefits of evolving dental implant technology. His appearance at Shatkin’s final 2022 lecture not only underscored his dedication to the science of implantology but his foul-weather driving skills as well.