Budget-friendly Implant Option

September 3, 2022

While implants are an ideal option for missing teeth, mini dental implants are a proven, viable fully comparable alternative to traditional implants. As the name suggests, these implants are about half the size of standard or conventional implants. They’re smaller, the surgical process is faster and easier, and they can often be used in situations where conventional implants aren’t possible such as patients who have a greatly reduced jaw bone due to resorption or periodontal disease.

There are numerous benefits to mini dental implants, most importantly being that mini-implants are a more cost-effective option than standard implants. This is particularly true during times like these when inflation is impacting everyone’s budget.

Primary advantages offered by minimally invasive dental implants that should be weighed into your decision-making process when considering tooth replacement procedures include:

  • No need for bone grafts – Even if you have experienced some bone loss, it’s not typically necessary to get a bone graft. This is because mini implants are smaller devices so they don’t require as much jaw bone to attach to your mouth properly. The mini implant fits the available bone versus requiring changing the bone to fit the implant.
  • Less invasive process – A smaller implant means a tiny surgical opening is all that’s necessary, (roughly the size of a toothpick) which enables a faster healing process, and an overall less invasive experience as major benefits mini implants have over conventional implants.
  • Simpler treatment – Usually, mini implants require fewer office visits, and there’s no need for an additional surgery to place an abutment. This is because mini implants are made of one solid piece of metal (versus a hollow and larger conventional implant), so that the abutment is already there.
  • More affordable – Since they’re versatile, simpler, easier and faster, mini implants are most often less costly compared to traditional dental implants.

Depending on your situation, you might be a candidate for a variety of different implant treatments that we offer. Whether it’s conventional or mini implants that suit your situation best, Lakeside can handle it for you. No two patients are alike, we’re equipped to resolve your missing tooth/teeth issue with a range of solutions. If you’re interested in dental implants and need help deciding on your best options, Dr Robinson and the team at Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry are here to help.
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