Are Teeth in a Day Really Possible?

January 25, 2022

You may have read or heard the marketing slogan, “Teeth in a Day.” Understandably, this phrase conjures up thoughts for many of after putting off a visit to the dentist to finally deal with an oral health issue. Visions of walking in with checkbook hand, sitting down, and leaving with a beautiful smile and perfectly functioning teeth that day. We’re here to remind you, this isn’t something that’s possible.

Restoring multiple missing teeth, removing, and replacing hopelessly damaged teeth, fabricating crowns, or dentures, treating diseased gum tissues, even by the most capable doctors takes preparation, planning and most importantly, time. Dental implant procedures aren’t an “off-the-shelve” solution, nor should they be. The process involves customizing implants and restorations to properly fit your oral health needs. That’s not to say you’ll need to go around covering your smile during treatment because you have no teeth. Planning and preparation allow us to set a date where most or all your treatment can be completed all at once, teeth in that day!

At Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry, we carefully measure, design, check and recheck our devices and plans so that you can actually walk out that day with teeth. Most patients can eat a meal and even tentatively show off that new smile the same day.

Every case is different; at times you leave with permanent teeth that first day, other situations you’ll leave with interim teeth that are refined and improved as you heal after surgery. We don’t place our patients on liquid or blended only no chew diets; many other “Teeth in a Day” techniques require no chew diets for as much as 6-months or longer. That’s another important “Teeth in a Day” detail to clarify on your quest to learn about different treatments available.

We believe in the “Lakeside Way” with our array of treatments that are proven, reliable, affordable, comfortable and the very best choices available.

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