The Advantage of Implant Options

March 4, 2022

Every patient’s dental implant situation is unique. Like most any sophisticated health procedure, dental implant surgery requires precision, experience, and sufficient choices to fit a patient’s specific implant and oral health needs.

Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry is unique in the array of implant devices we make available for our patients. Few dental practices in Michigan or around the country for that matter offer as many different implant devices. The reason for that is rooted in our philosophy of approaching each patient as a unique individual with highly specific needs in terms of oral health, bone structure and adaptability to receiving implants. Jawbone structure or natural teeth adjacent to those that may require implants often influence the size and type of device that will work best for a given situation. The implants below are those we most commonly employ when and if a patient’s diagnosis leads us in the direction of performing an implant procedure.

A. Mini Implant – 2.0 mm diameter
B. Mini Implant – 2.5 mm diameter
C. MILO Implant – 3.0 mm diameter
D. MaxiMini™ Implant – 3.3 mm diameter
E. MILO Implant – 3.75 diameter
F. Conventional Implant – 5.4 mm diameter

Just as implant device technology has evolved so has the level of sophistication for the surgical tools our team uses. We’re now able to see a 3D model of your jaw to both diagnose and to accurately place implant devices. By studying this software, we can plan the best course of action for implant procedures that are specific to each patient. Thanks to our dozen years’ experience performing over 10,000 implant surgeries, Lakeside is better equipped to deliver efficient, comfortable, affordable implant results.

Finding your perfect smile shouldn’t be difficult. Experience and device options really can make a big difference when it comes to handling dental implants. Lakeside has numerous types of implants available for you to choose from. Our team will work closely with you to find the perfect match and procedural program to fit your needs. Click here for more information or to schedule your free consultation.