The Lakeside Way

February 1, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of not being forced to use a denture for the rest of your life? Would you give almost anything to have your natural teeth back? Well, the next best thing is now a reality for many. If you still have an adequate amount of remaining jawbone, and many do, you could permanently eliminate dentures with locked in porcelain crowns attached to implants that look and work like healthy, natural teeth.

Lakeside has a process to make implant dentures snap-in dentures (SID) on 4 to 6 minimally invasive implants for each endentulous (areas without teeth) arch. The dentures are held securely in place but are still removable dentures.

A second process is our Denture Elimination (DE) procedure in which 8 to 12 minimally invasive implants are placed per the endentulous arch. A porcelain bridge replacing 10 to 12 teeth is made and cemented securely in-place. It’s almost as if your natural teeth have grown back.

The Lakeside process is quick, comfortable and about half (or even less) the cost of other alternatives. This all adds up to a proven methodology that assures you this choice is clearly an amazing option that enables patients to eliminate dentures from their lives.

One quick note about the theory and engineering of Lakeside’s Denture Elimination (DE) process. Other methods place four or more slightly larger diameter implants. The DE process mimics the natural anatomy, replacing 10 teeth with 8-12 root substitutes. That degree of redundancy gives both great strength and stability. In fact, there is a quip that says all on four, none on three, meaning that if just one of the 4 larger implants was in trouble (in a design anchored by four implants) the entire restoration could fail. Alternatively, of 12, you might not even notice in the unlikely event that if one were to have trouble. That’s the “Lakeside Way!”

Also, many patients that aren’t candidates for conventional, larger implants can be ideally suited for minimally invasive implants.

Contact us today for a free consultation to determine if the Lakeside Denture Elimination is possible for you and to learn just how affordable this life-changing procedure can be.