Troubled Bridge Replacements

May 25, 2022

If you have a fixed dental bridge to replace, that problem typically is caused due to damage to or loss of the natural “anchor teeth” your bridge is connected to. Anchor teeth are those natural teeth that were used to “bookend” the dental bridge that was affixed to the gum. What’s your best course of action if a dental bridge you may have is failing? In most instances, the answer is you are better replacing failing bridgework with a minimally invasive dental implant. Mini implants are quite often the best solution for these and other situations where the jawbone has been compromised.

Fixed bridges were, at one time, the best option to replace missing teeth but that’s all changed with the evolution of dental implant technology. Years ago, a crown would have been placed on the teeth adjacent to the space with a replacement bridge teeth device fastened between. The natural “anchor teeth” then were required to carry the load of 3, 4, 5 or more teeth in a bridge device. That works okay until the contiguous natural teeth are no longer able to bear that load which is the main cause for dental bridge failures.

These days, security and durability are the key reasons to choose an implant over a bridge. And since mini implants are attached much more securely than dental bridges, there is less risk of problems developing. In fact, implants are designed and installed to stay in place regardless of other oral factors like speaking, drinking, or eating.

Should your natural “anchor teeth” be salvageable when this sort of problem arises, Lakeside simply makes new crowns for them. Then we place minimally invasive implants for the missing teeth to support the crowns that were replaced. Problem solved.

If you’re having difficulty with a fixed bridge or are still struggling to decide between a dental bridge and dental implants, our dedicated and knowledgeable team is happy to talk you through each option helping you make an informed decision as to which solution will be just right for you.

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