What To Know Before An Implant Consultation

August 22, 2021

dental consultation
If you’ve scheduled your first dental implant consultation, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step in getting your smile back. Before you head to that consult session, it’s important that you understand the process to fully know what to ask about your dental procedure. Here are a few things you will want to know about a tooth implant procedure prior to that consultation:

There’s nothing to fear – During your consultation, you will be meeting with the team from the practice and the dentist who’ll be doing your implant surgical procedure. They will ask a series of questions to get a better idea of what your end goal is and obtain an X-ray to assess the exact situation with your affected tooth or teeth. After the scan and that fact-finding discussion, the dental team will offer treatment options needed to assist in making your end goal become a smiling reality.

Understand your implant treatment options – Knowledge and information are two of the best ways to prepare yourself for making the right decisions when it comes to your oral health. Getting to know more about Lakeside and the doctor who’ll handle your implant procedure is an important first step in that decision-making process. Check out Lakeside’s website to learn more about our credentials, experience and qualifications and in understanding the implant solutions we provide. Unlike some practices, we’re able to perform the entire procedure from start to finish, including placing of the implant and attaching the crown. This makes things easier, quicker and more coordinated for patients rather than having them deal with multiple providers.

At Lakeside Center for Dental Implants, consultations are always complimentary. That’s not the case with every implant practice so it’s always good to confirm that prior to scheduling any consultation.

Do your research on implants and patient experiences – Prior to any type of surgery, it’s natural to feel a little nervous. It’s helpful to check out any patient testimonials the practice you’re considering may have available for you to review. Lakeside has performed conventional and minimally invasive implants for over a decade and worked with many different patients from many different situations. From severe neglect due to a fear of the dentist to periodontal disease, we’ve seen almost every possible situation. It’s important to work with a dentist that performs implant procedures on a regular basis since this increases the likelihood of the procedure going smoothly.

Lakeside is ready to help you right now so book your free consultation today.