Why Should You Have an Implant Consultation?

July 10, 2021

A dental consultation at Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry is essentially a mini exam and discussion with our dental care team us to review your dental issues, concerns, and treatment options. Lakeside offers free consultations so if you’re in need of dental implants, a consultation with whichever practitioner you’re considering is a must. Consultations are a perfect opportunity to assist and inform your decision-making for this important dental procedure.

What Are Your Options?

Most dental issues requiring implant work have a variety of possible solutions. With a consultation, you can select the best approach based on your budget, comfort level, and cosmetic desires. If you’re missing one or more teeth, suffer from damaged teeth or failing dental bridges, you might want to opt for minimally invasive dental implants. During a consultation, our team can help you explore all the options to enable you to determine which practitioner is best for your personal needs.

Understanding the Procedure

Dental implants can be quite complex. Before settling into the chair for this specialized treatment, it’s important to know what’s ahead. Consultations are a perfect time to ask all your questions while receiving a detailed explanation of what will take place before and after the procedure. We provide you with helpful, easy to understand descriptions of the entire process allowing you to better understand each step. If you’re nervous, this may also help to ease some of your tension or fear.

Checking Your Eligibility

Dental care is highly personalized. Each person and each tooth are unique and different. A treatment that worked wonders for one person may be impossible for another, though their situations may look similar to a casual observer. Other health conditions outside the mouth may even affect your eligibility for certain procedures. You’ll be able to privately discuss your concerns, health problems and medications at the consultation allowing you to arrive for an implant ready to go.

Providing Additional Care Tips

Proper dental care seems straightforward, but patients can often miss key elements of their dental care routine. A consultation is also a great time to address regular dental care issues. Our team can is a resource of information with advice and tips to help you properly care for and protect your teeth. This is particularly important when you’re considering a major restorative dental procedure like dental implants. We want to ensure that the refreshed smile you’re investing in gets proper care and attention to protect your new implant for long-term oral health.

Exploring Payment Options

Dental implant procedures can be costly and may not be covered by your insurance provider. During a consultation, we’re fully prepared to discuss costs and payment options. Our staff can help navigate a variety of insurance coverages, payment, and financing plans available for your budget. Dental consultations provide you with a better idea of what’s ahead and how to proceed. By consulting with the clinical and administrative team who’ll handle your procedure you get a well-rounded view of the issue and available treatments. When you’re ready, we can move forward to schedule your procedure if you feel confident. Either way, a consultation provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision. To schedule an implant consultation at Lakeside call 586-228-0909 or MAKE AN APPOINTMENT today!