Dental implants

Minimally invasive dental implants are a paradigm shift in modern dental implant treatment. They are quicker, easier and more affordable than traditional alternatives.

How are minimally invasive implants different than other Implants?

  • Minimally invasive dental Implants or Small Diameter Implants allow for placement even when supporting bones have deteriorated or diminished after tooth loss.
  • Implants fit available bone versus making the bone fit the Implant. Minimally invasive dental implants (MDI) change it all because of minimum diameter, comfortable during and after placement
  • Are roughly half the cost of traditional implants, plus, they can be used immediately.
  • Minimally invasive implants can be placed without incisions, stitches, or swelling.
  • Most patients experience LITTLE OR NO DISCOMFORT after their procedure.

Are minimally invasive implants permanent?
Of course, minimally invasive Implants are PERMANENT. This is a common question because they were first used some 40 years ago as temporary implants to anchor dentures so that patients had something to eat and speak with while “conventional” implants were healing during the 6 to 12 month period before they are usable. It became apparent quickly that ‘mini implants’ performed remarkably and in fact were difficult to remove when their temporary period was over. As a result, a new Implant treatment method was born.