Dental Implant Cost Considerations

Compare the benefits of Minimally Invasive Implants

Every patient’s needs are different and require a consultation to determine an individualized treatment plan. Depending on your dental insurance, it may cover a significant portion of your procedures.

#1. Minimally Invasive Implants cost about half of traditional implants.
Due to their smaller size ease, of placement minimally invasive implants are significantly more affordable than traditional dental implants.
#2. How may teeth will require replacement
The number of teeth to be replaced, and if extractions are required impact cost. If multiple teeth are to be replaced, per-tooth cost is less if done at the same time.
#3. Implant Type
There are two types of implants, large conventional, older style implants or small diameter, minimally invasive, mini implants. Doctor Robinson will make a recommendation on which is best for your specific dental needs type. The implant type will impact the cost of your procedure.
#4. Existing dental work
If you have existing teeth that require surgical removal this will involve additional procedures and costs. A consultation allows for a no cost evaluation of your specific needs and an accurate cost estimate and customized treatment plan that can be developed and explained.

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