Dental Implant Cost Considerations

Compare the benefits of Minimally Invasive Implants

Every patient’s needs are different and require a consultation to determine an individualized treatment plan. Depending on your dental insurance, it may cover a significant portion of your procedures.

#1. Minimally Invasive Implants cost about half of traditional implants.
Due to their smaller size ease, of placement minimally invasive implants are significantly more affordable than traditional dental implants.
#2. How may teeth will require replacement
The number of teeth to be replaced, and if extractions are required impact cost. If multiple teeth are to be replaced, per-tooth cost is less if done at the same time.
#3. Implant Type
There are two types of implants, titanium and zirconia. Doctor Robinson will make a recommendation on which is best for your specific dental needs type. The implant type will impact the cost of your procedure.
#4. Existing dental work
If you have existing dental fixtures that have failed, require removal or replacement, additional expense will be incurred. You will be informed of any and all expenses before your procedure.

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