Advanced Dental Implant Services

Snap and Go Dentures™

Instead of relying on suction, sticky creams, or even trying to hold up, down or in your old style denture with your tongue, Snap and Go Dentures snap onto 4-6 implants placed in the gums with easily and affordably serviced attachments imbedded in the the smaller, sleeker Snap and Go™ denture.

The Denture Eliminator™

Our most natural, comfortable and functional option for replacement of all teeth in an upper or lower jaw is the Denture Eliminator. By placing 8-12 implants in the gum of jaw missing all teeth, we can design a prosthesis that is permanently cemented into your mouth that works, looks and feels as close to having your own teeth as possible.

30-Day Tooth Replacement™

For that tooth that was lost some time ago and the gum is completely healed, we can place an implant and temporary crown in one visit. In about 3 weeks your beautiful permanent crown will be fitted and cemented permanently into place and it is as if your tooth is back. No other process is as quick, easy or affordable.

90-Day Tooth Replacement™

For that tooth that cannot be fixed, whether it be because of cracking, infection or decay, we have a method of gently removing, placing an implant, tooth socket bone graft and temporary crown in a single, comfortable visit so that you can carefully eat your next meal with that temporary crown in place.

Depending on tooth location in the mouth, 6-9 weeks later we gently remove the temporary from the implant, evaluate healing, take an impression, and replace the temporary crown. 3 weeks later we fit and permanently cement your beautiful new permanent crown in place for a total turn around time of 9-12 weeks , extraction to completion. Again this is dependent on the tooth’s positioning in the mouth. No other implant treatment is as quick, comfortable or affordable.