Do You Need Implants?

October 6, 2020

At Lakeside Center for Implant Dentistry, we always do what we can to save your teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes extreme situations will call for more advanced intervention. When discovering what the best solution for your dental health needs are, it’s best to do your research.

Chances are, you may need dental implants if you have one or more of the following signs:

You have missing teeth or a missing tooth.

If you are missing one tooth or several teeth, you no longer have to feel ashamed of your missing tooth problem. There is hope, and we are here to help you. Dental implants are a great option (and a popular option) to solve your missing tooth problem.

A dental implant will fill in space where the gap was, and it will look natural like the rest of your smile. So you won’t have to worry about it looking fake or out of place compared to your natural smile.

If you are experiencing bone loss in the jaw area

A really interesting thing about implants is that they can help prevent or slow further bone loss in your jaw if you are already suffering from it. This is because the implant gets placed into the jaw bone directly, acting as the tooth’s root. In doing so, the implant bonds to the bone tissue, which then causes the bone to grow just like a natural tooth would. Truly, a win-win for everyone!

Pain Eating Hot or Cold Foods

Dental implants allow patients to reduce sensitivity in the teeth and gums from a lost tooth. It also alleviates pressure from the other teeth, which may be overworked or shifting to compensate.

If you have one or all these signs, we can help. All you need to do is call us to schedule FREE consultation so we can determine if dental implants are right for you.